how to set cruise control in isuzu trucks
How to Set Cruise Control in Isuzu Trucks, D-Max and FTR

Introduction Cruise control is a valuable feature in modern vehicles, designed to enhance driving comfort on long stretches of road. In an Isuzu truck, the process of setting cruise control involves a series of straightforward steps to ensure a smooth and controlled driving experience. In this guide we will discuss on how to set cruise…

Honda acty truck
Honda Acty Top Speed, MPG and Engine Swap Explained

Introduction The Honda Acty, a versatile and compact Japanese Kei truck, is a favorite among urban drivers and businesses looking for a reliable, small-sized workhorse. While it may not be known for its top speed, the Acty has its own charm when it comes to delivering power in a compact package. In this article, we’ll…

2016 isuzu npr truck
Exploring the Reliability and Versatility of the 2016 Isuzu NPR

Introduction In the world of commercial vehicles, the 2016 Isuzu NPR stands out as a reliable and versatile workhorse that has gained immense popularity among businesses. Whether you’re a fleet manager looking to upgrade your vehicles or a business owner considering a reliable addition to your transportation lineup, the Isuzu NPR deserves your attention. In…

a picture of the best Japanese mini truck in terms of fuel efficiency
Top Picks for the Best Japanese Mini Truck for 2024 [Updated]

Introduction Japanese mini trucks, commonly referred to as “Kei trucks,” have undoubtedly been the best-selling mini trucks in the global market throughout this year thanks to their performance, versatility, affordability, and fuel efficiency. These compact yet powerful vehicles are ideal for a range of tasks, such as hauling cargo, transporting people, and navigating tight spaces….