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When it comes to managing waste removal and transportation efficiently, the grab lorry is a popular choice for many businesses and individuals. However, understanding grab lorry cost can be a bit complex due to the various factors involved.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new grab lorry, hire one for a project, or simply understand their functional capacities, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need so that you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions that suit your needs and budget. So, how much is a grab lorry in 2024? Let’s find out!

What is a Grab Lorry?

A grab lorry, also known as a grab truck, is a type of vehicle equipped with a hydraulic arm and a clamshell bucket or grabber. This machinery allows the lorry to pick up and transport large quantities of waste, soil, or other materials without the need for manual loading.

Commonly used in construction, landscaping, and waste management, grab lorries are highly efficient for tasks involving bulk material removal and transport.

A Grab Lorry in action.

Comparison with Other Waste Removal Vehicles

Compared to traditional skip lorries, grab lorries offer several advantages:

  • Efficiency: Grab lorries can load and unload materials faster than skip lorries because they don’t require manual labor for loading. The hydraulic arm can reach materials from a distance and load them directly into the truck.
  • Versatility: While skip lorries are limited to the contents of their skips, grab lorries can handle a variety of materials, including soil, rubble, green waste, and general construction debris.
  • Space-saving: Grab lorries don’t require a skip to be left on-site, which can save space and avoid the need for permits in certain areas.

Advantages of Using a Grab Lorry

  • Speed and Efficiency: The hydraulic grab arm allows for quick and efficient loading and unloading, significantly reducing the time required for material removal compared to manual methods.
  • Cost-Effective: By reducing the need for labor and the time spent on loading, grab lorries can lower overall project costs. They are particularly beneficial for large-scale projects where substantial amounts of material need to be moved.
  • Accessibility: The extendable arm can reach over obstacles, walls, and fences, making it possible to collect materials from hard-to-reach places without additional equipment or effort.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Efficient waste removal and reduced need for multiple trips can lower fuel consumption and emissions, making grab lorries a more eco-friendly option.

How Much is a Grab Lorry?

How Much is a Grab Lorry

Average Prices for New and Used Grab Lorries in 2024

  • New Grab Lorries: Based on online marketplace data as of 2024, the Price for a brand new grab lorry typically ranges from £100,000 to £150,000, depending on the specifications and brand. For instance, a 2024 DAF CF450 8×4 tipper grab can cost around £130,000 to £150,000.
  • Used Grab Lorries: When you consider the brand new grab lorry cost, used grab lorries are significantly cheaper, with prices ranging from £20,000 to £80,000. For example, a 2016 DAF CF440 tipper grab with high specifications might be priced at around just £48,500​ (Truck Pages – Trucks for Sale in the UK)​​ (Kelberg)​.

Factors Influencing the Grab lorry cost

The cost of a grab lorry can vary significantly based on several factors:

  1. Age and Condition: New grab lorries are more expensive than used ones. The condition of a used grab lorry, including mileage and maintenance history, also impacts the price.
  2. Specifications: Different models come with various specifications, such as engine type, load capacity, crane type, and additional features like automated systems or enhanced safety features.
  3. Brand and Model: The manufacturer and specific model of the grab lorry play a crucial role in determining its price. Popular brands like DAF, Volvo, and Mercedes tend to command higher prices due to their reliability and performance.

Price Comparison Between Brands and Models

Brands like Volvo, DAF, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Isuzu, Iveco, Renault Trucks, and Hino offer a range of high-quality grab lorries that cater to different requirements and are often recognized for their quality, reliability, and innovative features.

  • DAF Models: DAF is a popular choice in the UK market. A 2024 DAF LF260 4×2 tipper grab is available for around £140,000, while a used 2017 DAF CF440 might be priced at approximately £54,950​ (Mac’s Trucks)​​ (Kelberg)​.
  • Volvo Models: Volvo also offers competitive models, such as the 2024 Volvo FL250 18T tipper grab, which can be priced similarly to DAF models in the new segment, around £130,000 to £140,000​​.
  • Iveco Models: Iveco offers both new and used options. For example, a used 2010 Iveco Eurocargo 180E25 can be found at a much lower price point, typically around £20,000 to £30,000​.

How Much is a Grab Lorry to Hire?

Factors Determining Hiring Cost

The cost of hiring a grab lorry depends on various factors including the size of the lorry, the type of waste being removed, and the duration of the hire. Generally, grab lorries come in different sizes such as four-wheel, six-wheel, and eight-wheel, each with varying capacities and prices.

Additionally, the type of waste—whether it’s green waste, hardcore, topsoil, or mixed waste—also influences the cost due to differing disposal fees​​.

Average Grab Lorry Hiring Prices

On average, the cost to hire a grab lorry starts at around £170 for a small four-wheel lorry capable of carrying 7-9 tonnes of waste. For larger six-wheel and eight-wheel lorries, which can carry 12.5-14 tonnes and 16-18 tonnes respectively, prices typically range from £190 to £420.

These prices are influenced by the specific requirements of the job and the duration of the hire. For example, in urban areas like London, prices may be on the higher end due to increased demand and operational costs​​.

Tips for Affordable Grab Lorry Hire Services

To secure the most cost-effective grab lorry hire service, consider the following tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Early booking can often result in better rates and ensure availability.
  2. Compare Quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple service providers to compare prices and services. Online comparison tools can be particularly useful.
  3. Consolidate Waste: Try to consolidate waste into fewer pickups if possible. Larger, single loads can be more cost-effective than multiple smaller loads.
  4. Local Providers: Hiring from local providers can reduce travel costs and lead times, potentially lowering overall hire costs.
  5. Flexible Scheduling: If your project schedule allows, being flexible with pickup times can sometimes result in discounts, especially if the provider can fit your job into their existing route​.

How Far Can a Grab Lorry Reach?

Maximum Reach

The reach of a grab lorry primarily depends on the size and type of the lorry. Typically, grab lorries can extend their hydraulic arms up to 8 meters (approximately 26 feet) from the vehicle.

For instance, an 8-wheel grab lorry can generally extend its arm up to 8 meters, allowing it to efficiently collect waste from a considerable distance away from the vehicle itself.

However, smaller grab lorries, such as 6-wheel variants, might have a slightly shorter reach, typically around 5 meters (approximately 16 feet)​ (Avon Materials Supplies)​​ (Skip UK)​​ (AJ Grab Hire)​.

Technical Specifications Influencing Reach Capacity

The reach capacity of a grab lorry is influenced by several technical specifications:

  • Hydraulic Arm Length: The primary factor is the length of the hydraulic arm itself. Longer arms provide greater reach but may also require more space for maneuvering.
  • Vehicle Size and Weight: Larger lorries, such as 8-wheelers, generally have longer arms and greater overall reach. These vehicles also offer higher weight capacities, allowing them to carry more waste per trip.
  • Operational Space: Adequate headroom and lateral space are necessary for the full extension and operation of the hydraulic arm. Typically, a grab lorry needs around 3.8 meters of headroom and 6 meters of total operational space for optimal functionality​.


In conclusion, the grab lorry cost in 2024 is influenced by many factors hence, to get the best deal on a grab lorry, whether purchasing or hiring, it’s important to consider the following steps.

For purchasing, compare prices across different brands and models, and consider both new and used options to find a cost-effective solution. For hiring, obtain quotes from multiple service providers, plan ahead to secure better rates, and consider local providers to reduce travel costs.

Being informed about the specific needs of your project and the capabilities of different grab lorries will also help you make a more cost-effective choice. Therefore, to get detailed information and personalized quotes, you may consider consulting reputable sellers and service providers.

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