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This is how the Newest Isuzu Box Truck, the FTR has Revolutionized the Trucking Game

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In the world of moving stuff around, having a super-reliable truck is like having a superhero on your team. And guess what? The newest Isuzu box truck, the 2023 Isuzu FTR, is stepping in as the new hero in the trucking world, redefining industry standards and setting new benchmarks.

Isuzu FTR, a top contender for the best Japanese box truck

Innovative engineering is of paramount importance to keep ahead in the fast-paced world of logistics and transportation, and the introduction of the newest Isuzu box truck, in particular the 2023 Isuzu FTR, has already resulted in a fundamental transformation of the transportation sector.

This comprehensive article explores the standout attributes of the Isuzu FTR box truck model, its transformative impact on the trucking game, and how it has raised the bar for efficiency, performance, and versatility in the realm of box trucks.


Isuzu Motors, headquartered in Japan, has been a leading player in the commercial vehicle market for decades and the Isuzu FTR is just another example of their commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and innovative trucks for businesses across the globe.

Isuzu trucks logo

The US presence

Furthermore, there is an American presence for Isuzu commercial trucks as well. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. is the subsidiary that is responsible for distributing Isuzu commercial vehicles in the United States including the Isuzu FTR models tailored for the US market.

In fact, these trucks are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the American commercial trucking industry considering certain factors such as regulations, road conditions, and market preferences.

In essence, Isuzu FTR models are part of the Isuzu brand’s legacy of producing dependable commercial trucks that offer a combination of power, performance, and durability to meet the requirements of modern transport and logistic businesses.

Isuzu FTR Specs: Pioneering Excellence in Box Trucks

Catering to Diverse Needs with Class-6 Versatility

Positioned as a class-6 vehicle, the Isuzu FTR takes versatility to a new level. In case you wonder what this class 6 means, it refers to the category of medium-duty commercial trucks with GVWR between 19501-26000 pounds.

However, it is worth noting that class 6 trucks like the FTR bridge the gap between medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, offering the versatility to handle a wide range of applications. With its robust build and remarkable specifications, the Isuzu FTR is designed to excel across various industries and operational scenarios.

Unleashing Hauling Potential: GVWR and GCWR Mastery

Isuzu ftr box truck has high payload capacity

Central to the Isuzu FTR’s prowess is its remarkable Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 25,950 lbs. This, coupled with an impressive Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 30,000 lbs, underscores the FTR’s capacity to handle substantial loads.

This will maximize the efficiency of your work as larger quantities of cargo can be transported in fewer trips with optimized operational costs and resource utilization.

Pioneering Transmission for Unparalleled Control

The Isuzu FTR integrates the cutting-edge Allison® 2550 RDS transmission, complete with a Park Pawl feature. This sophisticated transmission not only facilitates seamless gear transitions but also introduces an added layer of safety by preventing unintended vehicle movement.

You can read more on the background of the integration of Allison Rugged-Duty transmission into the F-series by Isuzu Commercial Truck of America here.

Powertrain Excellence: Unleashing the Cummins Engine

At the core of the Isuzu FTR lies the potent Cummins B6.7L engine. Boasting an impressive output of 260 HP at 2,400 RPM and a torque of 660 lb-ft at 1,600 RPM, the Cummins engine is synonymous with robust performance and responsiveness.

Here is what the manufacturers have to say about the features of Cummins engine design.

  1. VGT Turbo: Patented design enhances responsiveness, boosting fuel economy and braking horsepower.
  2. Connected Diagnostics™: Swift fault diagnosis via telematics ensures seamless operation.
  3. HPCR Fuel System: Multiple injection events enhance efficiency and quiet operation.
  4. Air Handling System: Reinforced EGR components for heightened thermal efficiency and reliability.
  5. Single Module Aftertreatment: Integrates SCR, dosing unit, and DPF for improved efficiency and reduced maintenance.
  6. Fuel and Lube Filters: Fleetguard® filters with NanoNet® technology for superior protection and cost savings.
  7. Single High-Capacity ECM: Processes data faster, optimizing performance and control.
The Cummins B6.7

Mastering Various Environments: Final Ratio and Beyond

The Isuzu FTR’s final ratio of 5.57 stands as a cornerstone of its technical prowess. This ratio, synergized with the truck’s other innovative features, guarantees optimal performance across diverse terrains and operating conditions.

Additionally, the alternator’s 160-amp capacity, the 17 CFM air compressor, and the inclusion of a 10-gallon DEF tank all accentuate the FTR’s dedication to efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Safety and Stability: Brakes and Tires

Safety is non-negotiable in the realm of trucking and especially in the logistics landscape hence, the Isuzu FTR addresses this with its Air-S-Cam Drum brakes, delivering consistent and reliable stopping power that is crucial when hauling heavy loads. The following video demonstrates the mechanism of this braking system.

Complemented by the Low Pro 11R22.5 and 255/70R22.5 tires, this class 6 Isuzu box truck ensures impeccable stability and grip on the road for a smooth driving experience regardless of the weight of the load that your truck is carrying.

Payload Efficiency: Striking the Perfect Balance

The Isuzu FTR excels in maintaining equilibrium between payload capacity and operational efficiency. With a body payload range spanning from 14,505 to 16,264 lbs, businesses can optimize their operations by transporting substantial loads in each trip.

Therefore, this not only reduces the total fuel consumption but also enhances operational efficiency ultimately boosting profitability.

The Price Point

2023 FTR 26ft box truck

Now, let’s talk numbers—costs, specifically. The 2023 Isuzu FTR isn’t just about impressive specs; it’s also about affordability. Running a business means making smart financial decisions, and the Isuzu FTR aligns with that goal.

While the Isuzu FTR boasts an impressive array of features and capabilities, it remains astonishingly accessible for businesses of all sizes. Isuzu’s commitment to delivering value to its customers is evident in the competitive pricing of the 2023 FTR that is generally ranging from $140 000 to $180 000.

This fusion of exceptional features and affordability situates the FTR as an irresistible option for businesses striving to optimize their transportation operations without compromising quality.

Embracing the Future with Isuzu FTR

In an ever-evolving industry, the Isuzu FTR stands as a testament to innovation’s power to reshape conventions. With its unmatched features and capabilities, this box truck not only meets but surpasses the demands of modern transportation.

In essence, the 2023 Isuzu FTR isn’t just a box truck; it could be a strategic business partner for many business owners. Its adaptability, efficiency, reliability, and affordability make it a superior choice for businesses that require a versatile and capable solution for their transportation needs.

Whether you’re delivering goods, managing logistics, or tackling urban challenges, the Isuzu FTR is poised to elevate your business operations and drive your success forward.

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